Wait for Me | Original Song

by Adam Smith

The first single from our final EP: ”Black Rhino’.

Undoubtedly the most upbeat, optimistic track on Black Rhino, Wait for Me was written during a tough time for the band midway through 2016. Now six years into the band’s life, the struggles and strains of each member’s sacrifices for the music were beginning to take their toll, and morale was at an all time low.

For the remaining original members, the support of their families and partners was a pillar that was keeping the whole endeavour from collapsing, and this inspired the lyrics for this song. The original version of the song features entirely different verses both lyrically and musically, and we almost scrapped the song altogether. However, taking the verses from another scrapped song and binding the two together brought Wait for Me back to life, and back into the final five.

Now a favourite for the band, the song would end up being the release single for Black Rhino.

The sun goes down / The hours gouge great bullet holes right through my shell
Until I’m dazed and weak
I cannot sleep / The night skies maim like earthquakes and I crumble beneath
Days and weeks go by

Even now after all this time
All I ask is after everything everything
Wait for me

Years depart
Hopes cascade like candlewax within my heart / Ohhh
But you’re still the flare in me
When I stopped believing // you were still breathing for me
When I stopped believing // you never stopped pleading
// Don’t ever back down / don’t you ever give up

Take a knock-back / stay relaxed / keep swinging
We all get knocked back as we go
So take a knock-back / stay relaxed / but don’t let go
(Wait for me)

Even now after all this time
All I ask is after everything everything
Wait for me

Even now after all this time
I hope you know you’re my everything everything
Wait for me

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